Santorini island

Santorini, a renowned volcanic island embraced by the Aegean Sea in the Cyclades, offers its visitors a mythical experience. Immortalized by poets and painters, thanks to its breathtaking view and picturesque villages hanging on its colourful cliffs, Santorini stands out with grace.

A unique destination where all senses are magnified by its celebrated light and idyllic sunsets.

What is more, every corner of Santorini hides new surprises, spectacles of savage wilderness and remnants of a rich history that travel the visitor back in time. The medieval allure of the Kastelia (the castle cities and fortifications of the mainland villages), the majestic mansions of the 17th and 18th century, the iconic canavas of wineries hidden in caves carved in the rocks, all add their charm and subtle elegance to the magic of Santorini.

Santorini is special in so many ways. Views that will stay etched in your hearts forever, tastes and flavours you have never sampled before, feelings of awe and bliss in an environment so mystifying and captivating; these are just some of Santorini’s precious gifts to its visitors, and these are the characteristics that support the myth that Santorini truly was the Lost Atlantis, a slice of heaven in the middle of the Aegean Sea.